Throwing a Glamorous Hotel Party for a Grandparent

Older Americans say that having more time to spend with their family is by far the best part of growing old, according to Pew Research. For most seniors, work and personal achievements are often put on a back burner when it comes to life satisfaction, with their grand-kids taking on increasing importance as the days go by. If you are a lucky grandchild who would like to celebrate all that your grandparent means to you, take their next party to the same level, inviting them, their friends, and family, to a special event at Adam’s Mark Hotel & Conference Center.

Adam’s Mark Hotel & Conference Center Specializes in Custom Events 

If your grandparent is hitting a milestone birthday such as their 80th, 90th, or 100th, choose a special venue to celebrate it. Because Adam’s Mark Hotel & Conference Center boasts over 17,000 square feet of flexible space of parties and events, the staff are used to adapting to client’s needs, be it for a small intimate party or a large event for family and friends. The Hotel is a popular choice for business events, and that means they have all the equipment you need to make a presentation. Opting for a restaurant or catering an event yourself will require so much planning and shopping for equipment, food, and the like, that it can be difficult to do what you really want to – spend time with your family to pay homage to your grandparent.

Choosing a Special Theme

Because the Hotel has elegant rooms with all the space you need, you can choose to theme your party in line with your grandparent’s interests and hobbies. For instance, if your grandparent loves film, you can decide to throw a Hollywood-inspired soiree, asking guests to come dressed as their favorite star or limiting the theme to one era, film style, or movie. You can organize for a band to come and play famous soundtracks, or limit the music played to a specific style – either rock and roll, jazz, or classical. The Hollywood theme is just one example; if you are stuck for a fun theme, get together with family and brainstorm one that will delight your grandparent to the core.

Making a Meaningful Presentation

The great thing about organizing a party at a hotel is that you know they will the necessary audiovisual equipment for everything from speeches to video presentations, and when it comes to a grandparent, a presentation is vital. Why not ask family to share the pictures they have of your grandparent, and make an emotion-packed video photo collage with their favorite music in the background? After that, family members can each give a small speech speaking about your grandparent and sharing funny or interesting anecdotes that celebrate your loved one’s life to the full.

Throwing an important party for a grandparent can be challenging if you want the even to run smoothly. Opting for a Hotel party allows you to take advantage of beautiful settings (think elegant events halls and outdoor pools and gardens), catered food, and quality audiovisual equipment. Remember that a great party is one that you can enjoy as well, so let the Hotel staff take the organisational work out of your hands so you can focus on someone who means the world to you: your grandparent. – Katlyn Forester