The 3 Best Burgers in Kansas City

Where can I get the best burger in Kansas City?


Visiting Kansas City? Searching for the best hamburgers in the area? We’ve got you covered. These three top-rated burgers in the city are sure to leave your belly full and your taste buds satisfied.


#3: Jim’s Fat Burgers

Located at 6901 Prospect Avenue, Jim’s Fat Burgers is notorious for it’s old-school style and huge, juicy burgers. Though Jim’s Fat Burgers is located in an off-the-beaten-path area, the joint is considered one of Kansas City’s best-kept secrets. This hole-in-the-wall establishment doesn’t offer indoor seating but makes every burger fresh and hot off the grill.


#2: Town Topic

Made infamous by it’s everything double cheeseburger, fresh ingredients and piping hot menu items, Town Topic is a local favorite that serves up just about anything that can be cooked in grease. Unlike Jim’s, Town Topic’s burgers are smaller and thinner but cooked to perfection.


Best Burger in Kansas City at Adam's Mark Hotel

#1: Casey’s Sports Bar and Grill

Located in the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Downtown Kansas City, Casey’s Sports Bar and Grill was recently awarded Top 5 Best Burger in Town by TripAdvisor. Head Chef Aristo creates a masterpiece with the classic BBQ Bacon Burger. This all-beef patty is grilled and seasoned to perfection with in-house spices and signature BBQ sauce. Served sizzling hot on a fresh bun, the burger at Casey’s Sports Bar and Grill will not disappoint.


For more information on Casey’s Sports Bar and Grill or to learn more about convenient lodging in Kansas City, visit Adam’s Mark Hotel, today.